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About Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach, California, a coastal haven where the charm of a small town meets the sophistication of an upscale beach community. With its roots tracing back to the early 20th century as a quintessential beach town, Manhattan Beach has grown into one of the most sought-after destinations in the Los Angeles area. Renowned for its wide, sandy beaches, picturesque pier, and vibrant downtown area, this city perfectly encapsulates the Southern California beach lifestyle. The history of Manhattan Beach is a story of transformation from a laid-back surf spot to a bustling community that maintains its relaxed beach vibe while offering luxury and elegance.

The real estate market in Manhattan Beach is dynamic and exclusive, reflecting the city's status as a premier beachfront location. The trend here leans towards luxurious, architecturally diverse homes that range from charming beach cottages to modern masterpieces with stunning ocean views. The demand for properties in Manhattan Beach is consistently high, driven by the city's beautiful natural setting, excellent schools, and close-knit community feel. Homes here are an investment in more than just real estate; they're an investment in a lifestyle that embodies beach living at its finest.



What is the housing market like in Manhattan Beach today?
The Manhattan Beach housing market is somewhat competitive. Homes in Manhattan Beach receive 4 offers on average and sell in around 36 days. The median sale price of a home in Manhattan Beach was $2.5M last month, down 16.4% since last year. The median sale price per square foot in Manhattan Beach is $1.35K, up 12.7% since last year.

How hot is the Manhattan Beach housing market? Manhattan Beach is somewhat competitive. Homes sell in 35.5 days.


The condo market in Manhattan Beach is thriving, driven by the area's strong demand for luxury living and proximity to the beach. There's a trend towards high-end, modern condos that offer amenities such as ocean views, balconies, and upscale finishes. Despite the high cost of living in the area, the market remains active, attracting buyers who value the blend of beach lifestyle with urban conveniences. The market is particularly appealing to professionals, small families, and those looking for a second home in a prestigious beachfront community.

Compared to other areas in the South Bay, such as Redondo Beach or Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach's condo market is noted for its higher-end properties and generally higher prices. The area is known for its exclusive neighborhoods and a higher concentration of luxury condos, offering more upscale amenities and finishes. While nearby areas also offer beachfront living, Manhattan Beach is particularly desirable for its prestige, community feel, and quality of life.

In Manhattan Beach, the condos range from stylish boutique buildings to luxurious complexes. These units often come with high-quality finishes, modern appliances, and design elements that maximize the beachside location. Many condos in Manhattan Beach offer amenities such as secure parking, private balconies, communal outdoor spaces, and, in some cases, shared fitness centers. The architectural styles tend to be contemporary, reflecting the upscale and trendy vibe of the area.

Investing in a condo in Manhattan Beach can be a wise financial decision due to the area's enduring appeal, strong property values, and potential for rental income. The city's status as a premier beach destination in Los Angeles County supports a robust real estate market. However, the high cost of entry and the competitive market should be considered. Investors should be mindful of market trends and the specific location within Manhattan Beach to maximize investment potential.

Potential buyers should consider the location of the condo in Manhattan Beach, especially its proximity to the beach, local amenities, and community attractions. The quality of the building, the layout of the unit, and the level of maintenance should be evaluated. Homeowners association fees and what they cover, including any special assessments, are also important considerations. Understanding the dynamics of the local real estate market, including the potential for property value appreciation and rental opportunities, is crucial. Consulting with a real estate agent experienced in Manhattan Beach’s condo market can provide valuable guidance and insights for a successful purchase.

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